AC McCullough Obituary, AC McCullough Has Peacefully Passed Away

AC McCullough Obituary, Death – It is really difficult for me to tell each and every one of you this information because it crushes my heart. Unfortunately, AC McCullough, who was a beloved figure in the history of radio in the Youngstown area, passed away recently.
The individual known as AC was the host of the radio show “HOT 101.” Listening to him consumed a substantial chunk of my childhood, as it did for a large number of other people from all over the Valley at the same time.

As a result of the music and the opportunities that AC has provided for us, we feel the need to express our appreciation to him. It was alleged that Kelly had said the following in the announcement: “No matter where you went. As soon as you make a reference to HOT 101, people immediately start asking questions about how to effectively cool down their homes… A revered member of the community and a good friend who was well-known throughout the area passed away not too long ago.

For more than half a century, McCullough has worked as a broadcaster for WHOT, the station that is known as “the voice of the Valley.” During that time, he has held the title of “voice of the Valley.” At this time, we are unable to share any information regarding the preparations that are being made for the funeral as they have not yet been finalized.