Dr Paul Moxham Obituary, Ontario, CBC, Pierre Poilievre, Has passed away

Paul Moxham Death, Toronto –  At the B.C. Children’s Hospital in Vancouver, a pediatric otolaryngologist (ENT) is being remembered by patients, families, and colleagues for his thoughtful and friendly bedside manner. According to his obituary, Dr. Paul Moxham passed away on January 13 after a long battle with brain cancer that lasted for 16 months. The man’s wife and two daughters are the only people who will remember him after his death at age 54.

He had spent the previous 23 years working at the British Columbia Children’s Hospital. Moxham was known for not only making young patients’ days better but also for treating them and their parents with the utmost respect and playing an important part in the young patients’ overall health. Moxham Gazzola was the new doctor who took over the care of Dorothy Gazzola’s daughter Faith, who has Down syndrome and autism.

It was during this time that Dorothy Gazzola first met Moxham. According to Gazzola, getting used to a new physician is typically a stressful experience for a child with a disability; however, this did not appear to be the case with Dr. Moxham. “He had this incredibly charming way of putting you at ease in a natural way. And most importantly, my little girl, “Gloria Macarenko, host of “On the Coast,” was told by Gazzola.

“A youngster who has a keen awareness of other people and the motivations underlying their actions.” In a video that was shared by the B.C. Children’s Hospital Foundation, Dr. Moxham discussed how he tries to provide care for each of his patients in the same manner that he would for his own wife and daughters. Gazzola stated that her experience with Moxham and her daughter was similar to what you have described.

“Even though Faith is not easily able to communicate her needs, he showed respect for Faith,” she said. “He was respectful of Faith.” “He checked to see that he had grasped her meaning. He was never in a hurry, so taking his time was something that came easily to him.” “And she definitely required that,” you said.