Hailey Brooks Obituary, Raleigh NC, Hailey Brooks sadly passes away

Hailey Brooks Death, Obituary – Hailey Brooks, 11, died in the Raleigh Christmas Parade on Saturday. Hailey Brooks and her family’s tragedy comes first. Her family will never be the same after this terrible violence took her life. Second, Raleigh is devastated. This incident shook the city and underscored the need for enhanced public event safety. We must unite to assist Hailey’s family and prevent future tragedies.

Her family, friends, and community grieve. Second, it warns paradegoers of automobile strikes. The pickup truck driver lost control and accelerated into Hailey Brooks’ dancing company, according to the continuing inquiry. Barriers between parade participants and the path are needed to prevent accidents like these. No family should lose a child in a parade.

Hailey Brooks’ death should spur safer practices to prevent similar disasters. Landen Christopher Glass, the 20-year-old truck driver who murdered 11-year-old Hailey Brooke on Saturday, was arrested and charged with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle, incorrect equipment, unsafe movement, negligence and recklessness, and carrying a handgun in a procession.

The collision site on Hillsborough Street near Boylan Avenue has tributes for Brooks. “Hailey, dancing in Jesus’ arms!” reads one memorial. The Raleigh Christmas parade will include a Hailey monument. An out-of-control pickup truck carrying a parade float hit the CC & Company Dance Complex dancer. The group had played in the parade before, but the float accident canceled their performance last year.

Hailey died at the hospital. This year, a tribute will be held for her outside CC & Company Dance Complex, which is closed this week. WRAL Investigates located Christopher Glass driving the GMC Denali that veered off Saturday. Exhaust systems and marker lights were other violations. The sort of car Glass was fined for is unknown online.

After the Saturday crash, the Raleigh Police Department arrested Glass and charged him with misdemeanors for driving while intoxicated, being careless and reckless, using improper equipment, traveling unsafely, and carrying a gun during a procession. According to court documents, Glass lives with his parents in Goode, Virginia, where WRAL News went on Monday. WRAL News called Glass and his family from the property’s “no trespassing” signage.