Harriet Crommelin Alabama Obituary, Cafe Thirty-A Founder Sadly Passed Away

Harriet Crommelin Obituary, Death – We grieve the passing of Harriet Crommelin, our company’s founder and grandmother, who passed away not too long ago. As a consequence of her loss, our hearts are heavy and we are deeply saddened. I hope and pray that she can finally rest in peace for all of eternity.

We shall continue to honor her legacy in perpetuity by keeping up with our observances. Prior to yesterday, I received the heartbreaking news that Harriet had died, which instantly plunged me into a deep state of despair. Because of her reputation for being incredibly compassionate and for inspiring others to follow their passions for food, wine, and travel, Harriet was considered THE idol of 30A.

A pioneer in this city as well as Montgomery, Alabama’s hospitality and dining industries. The major factors that continue to make Cafe Thirty-A the second-oldest restaurant in South Walton that is still in business are Harriet’s tenacious work ethic and her ability to see the greater picture.

Steve, the people she worked with, her family, her friends, and the rest of our community—to whom she expressed a great deal of gratitude for the kind and generous manner she handled her charity endeavors—are in my thoughts and prayers. I’ll really miss Harriet. She will be sorely missed, and I can’t wait to see her again.

I can attest to the fact that Harriet’s loss is being felt and that she will be missed because I’ve known her as a friend for the past 25 years and because my husband has left the house since she moved to 30A. Furthermore, I can state that she will be missed. As someone whose spouse moved out of the country since she moved to 30A, I can speak from personal experience when I say that her absence is being felt.