Hartmut Hausser Obituary, Bugles Across America Active Member Has Passed Away

Hartmut Hausser Obituary, Death –¬†Hartmut Hausser, also known as Bob the Bugler, had passed away on or around February 9 as a result of complications after cancer surgery was delivered to us with a heavy heart. Our hearts went out to Hans Peter’s family and friends. Bob the Bugler was another name that people called Hartmut. During the BAA Leadership conference that we all went to together in August of 2015, several of us were finally able to have the pleasure of meeting Hartmut for the first time.

Hartmut is an exceptionally fascinating individual. In addition to being one of the very few buglers who is capable of playing TAPS, Hartmut was also the representative for BAA in Germany. Hartmut served in this capacity for many years. The British Automobile Association (BAA) is currently working on drafting condolences that will be sent to Germany. This is being done as a way to express our gratitude to him for all of the hard work that he put in over the years.

The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) for the website that will be created in Hartmut’s honor as a blog may be found right here in this post. If you are interested in talking about the time you spent getting to know Hartmut, please contact Larry Wiseman at larrywiseman2@att.net. This location is available to anyone who would like to participate in this activity.