Thomas Gould Obituary, PCC Community Administrator Thomas Gould Has Died

Thomas Gould Death, Obituary – According to Pitt Community College, which broke the news that the institution’s executive vice president of academic affairs and student services had unexpectedly passed away, many people on campus are in mourning.

According to a news release from the hospital on Thursday, Thomas E. Gould, 61, passed away earlier in the week. Following a meeting with members of his leadership team and staff who closely supported Gould, President Lawrence Rouse informed the whole school of the news in an email to all pupils.

He said that the reason for the death was still unknown. Rouse claims that Dr. Thomas Gould had a great conviction in the positive effects that education can have on individuals, families, and communities. It was his source of inspiration throughout his lengthy and successful career in higher education.

But because of the opportunity to collaborate with him, those of us who were fortunate enough to do so are now better instructors. His leadership, devotion, and it will be much missed by PCC. Gould worked at Durham Tech where he was a pioneer in hybrid training before joining the PCC administration.

Hybrid education combines traditional classroom study with online learning. During his professional career, he also spent a substantial amount of time implementing the state’s Comprehensive Articulation Agreement and working with the College Transfer Program Association.

Students can transfer from North Carolina’s 58 community colleges to its 16 public universities and a wide range of private institutions with the aid of this arrangement. As a consequence of Tom’s tenacious efforts over the years, according to Rouse, he was well-known across the North Carolina Community College System. We’re sure his staff is having a hard time right now, just like we are at PCC, in Pitt County, and all around the state. Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Print. You should copy and save the URL.