Anna Bellisario Obituary, Anna Bellisario Has Sadly Passed Away

Anna Bellisario Obituary, Death – Anna’s life was cut tragically short when she suffered a severe allergic reaction to a dessert that she had eaten at an Italian restaurant. The menu at the restaurant was supposed to be entirely free of meat, milk, and eggs in keeping with the establishment’s commitment to veganism. Anna visited this restaurant rather frequently, and despite the terrible dairy allergy that she had had from birth, she didn’t let it stop her.

After she finished her main course, she requested vegan tiramisu and, according to Anna’s boyfriend, she even had the wait staff show her a list of the allergens that were contained in the dish. The woman had an allergy to eggs and an even more severe reaction to milk. Anna took two pieces of the dessert before realizing something was wrong. She hurried to the bathroom and attempted to make herself throw up, but to no effect. The only evidence of nuts that was found was traces of them.

Even her allergy medicine wasn’t helping, and she eventually passed out before being rushed to the hospital, where she remained in a coma for 10 days before being declared dead. The vegan tiramisu, which contained enough traces of nuts to cause Anna to pass out, was the cause of her anaphylactic shock, which was caused by the fact that her allergy medicine wasn’t working.

On top of that, traces of eggs were found in the mayonnaise that was supposed to be vegan, which was on Anna’s sandwich that she had for her main dish. Other tiramisu glasses from the same brand were also found to contain traces of milk, as was the case with the sandwich that Anna had for her main dish. Because there was nothing on the label to indicate that the meal contained milk, the dish had to be recalled because milk allergies may be highly dangerous.