Beryl Barrett Obituary, Illawarra Jazz Club Member Has Peacefully Passed Away

Beryl Barrett Obituary, Death – Beryl Barrett, who had been a member of our Jazz Club since its inception, passed away not too long ago. I must break the news to you about her passing, and I do it with a heavy heart. Beryl Barrett was the widow of George Barrett, who had been a member of our jazz club before he passed away in 2021. George Barrett had passed away. During this terribly difficult time, we would like to send our most sincere condolences and sympathies to Beryl’s family and friends.

We are sorry for the loss of Beryl. Both George and Beryl had been involved with the Jazz Club for a significant amount of time. George and Beryl’s names appear in our membership records, which date back to 1988; nevertheless, I am certain that they have been members possibly ever since the Club initially opened its doors in 1979. Our membership records stretch back to 1988. The earliest membership records we have stretch all the way back to 1988.

Even though we have not spent much time with George and Beryl over the past few years and even though they have let their membership in the Club lapse, those of us who have been a part of the Club for at least 25 years have never forgotten about them. I have no idea where George and Beryl are now, but I have the utmost hope that they are still together. They were fantastic supporters of the Club and everything it had to offer. Both George and Beryl were significant contributors to the Club’s success. Everyone is in deep mourning over their passing away.