Jerry Lounsbury Obituary, A Founding Counselors Of CCMM Has Died

Jerry Lounsbury Obituary, Death – Dr. Jerry Lounsbury one of the founding counselors of Christian Counseling of Mid Michigan has sadly passed away. Hearing the news that our friend and one of the early counselors at CCMM has passed away is incredibly upsetting for all of us here at CCMM. He was a pioneer in the field of counseling, beginning his work at an early stage.

We take solace in the idea that he is now celebrating in paradise together with the righteous, but we are disheartened by the realization that we will no longer be able to seek his wisdom and instruction here on earth. The Counseling and Crisis Management Ministry (CCMM), which is where it is at right now, would not be where it is right now if it did not have his backing and the tremendous amount of counseling skills that he possesses.

When a person who is in need of medical assistance comes through our doors, we will make it our duty to provide compassion and care to each and every patient who does so, as a manner of demonstrating respect for the person who is in need of our assistance and who is relying on us for assistance. It was a pleasure to have him join us here, and we are going to miss having him around. When you’re out and about, they make for an incredible traveling companion and resource.