John Frazier Obituary, John Frazier Has Peacefully Passed Away

John Frazier Obituary, Death – In order for me to accomplish the things that needed to be accomplished, I conducted myself in a manner that was in accordance with the direction that John Frazier had given me. He was able to create a great degree of ardent feeling in relation to the matter as a result of his engagement in the Brevard Democratic Veterans Caucus, which enabled him to do so.

A member of our intimate circle of acquaintances passed away not too long ago. This individual held a very unique and significant place in each of our hearts, and we will all feel a profound loss with their passing. When new information becomes available to the public, I will update this post to include the new information as well as an amendment to reflect the change in circumstances. In addition to that, I will supply an update to reflect the change.

On Thursday, February 16, at eleven in the morning, funeral services for John will be place at the Saint Sebastian Catholic Church in Sebastian, Florida. John passed away on Tuesday, February 13. The funeral is scheduled to take place on February 16th. In order for him to move on with his life, I pray to God to give him the kind of peace that is beyond what it is possible for humans to understand.