Lou Matarazzo Obituary, Lou Matarazzo Has Passed Away – Death

Lou Matarazzo Obituary Death – Our sincerest condolences are extended to you and your family on the loss of Lou Matarazzo, who served as the Legislative Director for the Drug Enforcement Administration. Please accept our sincere condolences (DEA).

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) was very fortunate to have Lou as a partner because he brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to his diligent work as a result of his lifetime of service to those who serve in law enforcement.

This was due to the fact that Lou dedicated his entire life to helping those who serve in law enforcement. This was owing to the fact that Lou devoted his entire life to assisting people who served their country in the armed forces or in police enforcement. In the 1960s, Lou began his career in law enforcement by working as a patrolman in the 108th Precinct.

This was the beginning of his rise through the ranks of the police department. This was the first step in what would become a long and fruitful career for him. Following that, he was victorious in his efforts for the positions of PBA Delegate, Board Officer, and ultimately President in 1995.

After spending over three decades as a member of the NYPD fighting for the rights of our family members who worked in law enforcement, Lou joined the DEA and became a member of their team. He continued his fight for the rights of our family members who worked in law enforcement after making the transition.

This was true both during the period he spent working for the NYPD as well as when he began working for the DEA. His legacy will be remembered for all time for the unwavering support and affection he showed toward every individual who served in the law enforcement community. Those who were close to Lou will miss him tremendously when he is no longer there.