Tom McDonald Obituary, Active Member Of The Shawmut First Church Has Died

Tom McDonald Obituary, Death – On February 11th, 2023, Tom Heflin McDonald, who had resided in Valley, Alabama all of his life and had reached the age of 91 at the time of his dying, passed away. Tom McDonald made his entrance into the world on November 10th, 1931, in Shawmut, Alabama. He was born there. Before Tom McDonald was even born, both of his parents, William Harvey McDonald and Eunice Moncus McDonald, passed away. He is said to have been named after William Harvey McDonald.

The Joy club at Shawmut First Church of the Nazarene, where he was a very committed member of the church, was one of the organizations in which he participated. He spent close to 24 years serving in the United States Army, during which time he was deployed to a broad variety of military installations all throughout the country and saw combat service in both the Korean War and the Vietnam War. He also received a number of medals for his service.

Each wars were fought while he was serving in the Army, and he was a part of both of them. He completed his military service and then retired from the Army at Fort Polk, which is situated in the state of Louisiana. Both fishing and woodworking took up a significant amount of his time, as he was never inside the house. He fished whenever he had the chance.