Casey Gunsallus Obituary, Millheim, Pennsylvania Resident Has Died

Casey Gunsallus Obituary, Death – Casey Gunsallus of Centre Hall, Pennsylvania sadly passed away.  Casey lived in Millheim, Pennsylvania, and went to Penns Valley. Peace be with you. Casey Gunsallus, I feel really bad about him and for everyone he knew. It was always a pleasure to be with you. After a few beers, I’ll miss the chats we had.

Until our next meeting, you won’t be forgotten. your comments throughout our wedding. I’ve spent most of my life knowing you. What would you say in such a circumstance? I’ve been attempting to come up with the right words to say. I have many memories of you and me growing up, getting married, going to Maddox’s baby shower, and watching you get excited to be a parent, even though we weren’t very close.

My heart breaks for the ones you left behind. those who are closest to you. No parent should ever put their child before themselves, regardless of how tough and resilient your mother is or how much she has been through. Your devotedly supporting brothers, with whom you stood by them even when you disagreed. My heart breaks for Sheena as she has responded to your kids’ questions and made decisions over the next few days and weeks.

I realize that since I just cannot comprehend what she is going through, the only thing I can do is pray. Nothing anyone says or does can improve the situation or change what has already happened. We regret not being there more. I didn’t make the call or send the SMS because life just got in the way. We failed you as friends and as members of your family because the devil got in the way and because of life’s excuses, which shouldn’t even count as excuses.

Plans to get together and have supper have been made, but time simply goes by too quickly. We need to behave and work harder. I respectfully request that my loved ones, close friends, and friends check on one another. The individual who enters your heart deserves a checkup. Instead of saying that you have time, send the message or make the call. Time is something you never truly know how much of. I pray for peace, wisdom, understanding, and tranquility for your family. I want everyone will keep in mind the good times, your smile, and your fun personality.