Greyson Estep Missing, Columbus, OH, Hilliard Darby High School Student Suicide

Greyson Estep Obituary, Death – Greyson Estep of Charleston, West Virginia has passed away. Greyson lived in Columbus, Ohio, as strings, six of them at The Digs, Honky Tonk Pluckin at Jesse Blankenship Band, and Sang and Twang at Riviera Royals. He was a former Jumpin and Jivin at Shorty Allen And The Skirt Chasers and worked at Newport Music Hall.

Relatives and friends of After Greyson’s untimely and unexpected demise, John Estep launched this GoFundMe campaign in his honor. The money provided will be used to pay for Greyson’s funeral expenses as well as any further money that might be needed to settle his estate. The family will also utilize it to provide them support at this terrible time and to help them cope with their loss.

You might be shocked to learn that the average funeral fee ranges from $7,001 to $10,000. However, the reality is what it is. Let’s help John and his family in any way we can. It goes without saying that John is one of the friendliest and kindest people we know and that he has given a significant lot of his own time to the neighborhood associations and communities where he resides.

It’s time for us to show him our appreciation by being there for him when he needs us. The Charleston, West Virginia music scene, the Charleston, Ohio area, the students at Charleston High School, and the locals all admire John. Together, let’s combine our efforts to help one of our own. I jokingly told Greyson the summer before last that he was the next in line for every band in Columbus.

This occurred because at first glance John appeared to be a member of every band in the city. He loudly laughed at it. He was a really kind kid who knew a lot more about bands and music than most people I know. To count the number of times he flew off the stage while he was performing, you would need more than two hands.

He was gracious enough to give me his green drums when the Digs played on St. Patrick’s Day in March of last year. It was enjoyable to take part in both of these activities as well as to watch him grow as a songwriter and performer with his own group of friends. He had a good relationship with music and liked listening to it. There would be an unbelievable amount of sorrow if Greyson were lost. John genuinely cares about everyone. He would be a great father or mother. It’s high time we returned his affection.