Gwyn Jones Obituary, Gwyn Jones Has Peacefully Passed Away

Gwyn Jones Obituary, Death – The devastating news that one of our trustees and founding members had passed away a few weeks earlier was delivered to us by a member of the board. All of us were left in utter disbelief after hearing this information. This particular person had been a member of our organization ever since we had initially begun our endeavors together.

This news stunned all of us, including me, and we all looked at each other in surprise. Gwyn was the personification of both the name of the organization as well as its motto, which was “Bury People First,” and she was always ready to provide a helping hand to those who were in need of assistance. Because he was someone who never shied away from standing up for what he believed in, whether it be for himself or for others, we will all miss him very much.

He was someone who never hesitated to do so. This was something that he did not only for himself, but also for the benefit of other people. He was unyielding in his determination to always be vocal in the defense of the principles that were important to him.
We are going to carry on with the practice of playing music at the workplace on Wednesdays, despite the fact that it won’t be the same without you and the atmosphere won’t be as enjoyable without you.