Mason Partney St. Louis, Missouri Drowning, Suntrup Kia Employee Passed Away

Mason Partney Obituary, Death – Mason Partney was a beloved employee of ours, thus we would want to send his family and friends our sincere sympathies. He was a dedicated and industrious team member, thus his departure will be lamented by everyone on the squad. Mason was not just a colleague, but also a friend, mentor, and inspiration to many.

Both his family and the Suntrup firm as a whole will be devastated by his loss. After joining the company in 2012 as the Nissan and Volkswagen Service Manager, Mason quickly earned a solid reputation. Nobody could match his incredible talent for treating clients with respect and professionalism. In any situation, he never shied away from going above and beyond to help both his clients and his workers.

Mason’s impact extended beyond his line of work. Love and consideration permeated every aspect of his life, and he was always ready to provide a hand to those in need. It shouldn’t be shocking considering that he gave his life to help a stranger. His passing is proof of how he spent his life, putting others’ needs ahead of his own. In this difficult time, his family and friends deserve to know that we are thinking of them and expressing our heartfelt condolences. They are now on our minds and in our prayers.

Everyone who had the privilege of knowing Mason will miss him dearly, but his descendants and the many other people whose lives he touched along the way will ensure that his legacy continues on. Please think about contributing to the GoFundMe account created in his honor. The money will help ease some of the financial pressure that his family will experience in the coming months and years. We will always remember Mason Partney as a magnificent hero who led by example for all of us. Mason, please know how much we shall miss you while you rest in peace.