Raphael Nguti Obituary, Rochester, New York Raphael Nguti Has Passed Away

Raphael Nguti Obituary, Death – What discouraging information to get in the mail. Raphael was the kind of man that liked to have a good time at parties, avoided getting involved in drama, was honest about how things were, and was always willing to provide a helping hand to people who were in need of assistance.

Someone who was not only a wonderful friend but also a fellow student and someone who will surely be missed by a significant number of others is someone who passed away recently.

Because of his lack of selfishness, his friendly manner, and his towering stature, Raphael, a treasured pet and member of the family, epitomized the character of a gentle giant. It is due to the fact that he possessed these qualities that he will be remembered.

People who had the good fortune to meet, become acquainted with, or become friends with Raphael for any amount of time, whether it was for a short period of time or for the entirety of his life, are being contacted by us as a means of expressing our gratitude for the assistance that Raphael has provided to us.

This is being done in order to show our appreciation for the help that Raphael has provided to us. The research indicates that the cost of a funeral can range anywhere from $7,000 to $12,000 on average, but the national average is closer to $12,000. This price is subject to change based on a variety of considerations.

Let’s put our heads together to make sure that Raphael is given an appropriate send-off, and let the Nguti family know that they have our unwavering support as they go through this challenging time. I am appreciative that I can count on your support throughout this entire procedure. Every single unimportant detail plays a role in creating the overall effect. Click HERE To View Raphael Nguti GoFundMe Page.