Steve Harris Obituary, Assistant Chief At Fort Johnson Volunteer Fire Has Died

Steve Harris Obituary, Death – Steve Harris, assistant chief at Fort Johnson Volunteer sadly passed away. We are saddened to inform you that our much-loved brother, father, and grandfather, Assistant Chief Steve Harris, passed away this morning. This news is tremendously painful for us to communicate.

This is a very difficult and upsetting statement for us to make, but it is necessary nonetheless. We are unable to provide any information on our services at this time; however, whenever we do, we will make a statement regarding this matter. Pray for his children and sister, as well as his brothers and sisters from Fort Johnson, and please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Pray for his children and sister as well as his brothers and sisters from Fort Johnson. Mr. Harris, I hope you find some solace in this. Even though Isaac felt so out of place when he first joined the fire department, that man treated him with such kindness and helped put Isaac at ease despite the fact that Isaac was a new recruit. As a direct consequence of this, the fire department has been dealt a significant blow.

During this difficult time for the fire company, I wish that every one of you is able to find some comfort in the companionship of your fellow firefighters. Both Rick and I felt that we were treated with the utmost respect whenever we were in Steve’s presence, whether it was at the firehouse where we worked together or in any other setting. My deepest sympathies, as well as those of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, are sent to Assistant Chief Steve Harris, the members and families of the Fort Johnson Volunteer Fire Company, Inc., and everyone else who has been negatively impacted by this tragedy.