Tom Roberts Obituary, Ashe County, North Carolina, Educator And Coach Has Died

Tom Roberts Obituary, Death – In Ashe County, a fine man died today. In the community as well as the coaching and teaching fields, he was a pioneer. Whether you called him Coach, Mr. Roberts, TR, Tom, or any other name, he had an influence on a sizable number of the young people in Ashe County.

He had a positive impact on everyone he came into contact with, whether it was in the classroom or on the football field. Before anything else in his life, he was passionate about his family and the farm at Rich Hill. It was a delight to know Ole Pecks, who is undoubtedly out there hunting those golden grouse. a great friend and colleague in the education sector.

Tom will be warmly recalled by everyone for being so helpful and kind, and his departure will be deeply felt. Tammy, Meghan, and Preston are in our thoughts and prayers at this trying time. TR was a delightful man with a strong affinity for this part of the nation. It will be really strange not to see him around Creston. He regularly had interesting conversations with me when I visited him, which made me happy.

I always anticipated seeing him. Prayers are being said for his family at this very difficult time. Please remember his wonderful family, as well as all of his friends, classmates, and other supporters. My child thought that this man was a fantastic instructor. This knowledge has left me feeling terribly dejected and useless.

Coach Roberts and I worked together on a number of initiatives while we were together. He was someone I looked up to and considered a friend. The family is in my prayers and thoughts at this trying time. I pray that God would give you the courage and comfort you require to deal with everything that is now occurring. Coach, I hope you’re at peace right now. I wish you a lifetime of pleasure while you sleep.