Annette Seasock of Allen Park Michigan Pedestrian Died in accident

Annette Seasock Death – I will never stop thinking about how much I love and miss you, mom. You were the kind of person that put the needs of others ahead of your own, and you made it a point to make sure that everyone around you had a grin on their face at all times. My brother and I were always aware of the tremendous amount of affection that you have for us, and we are going to miss your calming guidance a great deal.

You put in hard work each day of the week without making a single complaint to ensure that we had access to a quality education as well as any and all assistance that we would require in order to make it through life. This was done so that we could have the best possible chance of succeeding in our future endeavors. Never before have I met someone who is so selfless, hilarious, and loving all at the same time.

You always had a contagious laugh, and you made it a point to share it with everyone you came in contact with. You appeared to have a positive relationship with the vast majority of the people you interacted with. You have a habit of placing the contentment and well-being of others ahead of your own, even if it means compromising your own pleasure and convenience in the process.

You were and still are my closest friend as well as someone I look up to and find inspiration in. I am certain that you will always be watching over us from on high, and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you have achieved and the joy you have spread throughout the world. If you aren’t there, it will never go back to the way it was before.