Elain Dremiere, RTBF Journalist Dies after committing suicide – Death

Elain Dremiere Death – Our reliable contacts at Sudinfo have informed us that on the evening of the Tuesday before, a veteran journalist took his own life by falling to his death from the tenth floor of the building in Brussels that houses RTBF. The building is located in the European Union. On Boulevard Auguste Reyers can be found this particular structure. The helpful staff members at Sudinfo offered their services to us so that we could make use of the material.

The dreadful piece of information that was just made public is causing the editorial team a great deal of unease as a result of the fact that they have just been made aware of it. A coworker who had gone outside to light a cigarette and returned to the building tripped the alarm after hearing a droning sound in the corridor at approximately 17:30. The coworker had gone outside after hearing the sound. His lifeless body was discovered on the pavement not too far away from where the incident occurred.

The journalist was devoted to his family and was the proud parent of a young child of his own. When he was 44 years old, he already had a fruitful career with the RTBF under his belt that he had created before. The most up-to-date information was relayed to the teams by Jean-Pierre Jacqmin, who serves as the director of information at RTBF.

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