Gerald White Obituary, Founding Member Of Ward Vessel & Exchanger Corporation Has Died

Gerald White Obituary, Death – Since we learned that Gerald White had passed away, our hearts have been filled with grief because he was a wonderful person who played an important role in the establishment of Ward Vessel & Exchanger Corporation. Our hearts have been filled with grief since we learned that Gerald White had passed away. Because he was such a beautiful person and because he was such a vital contributor to the founding of Ward Vessel & Exchanger Corporation, our hearts are breaking over his passing.

Our emotions are overwhelmed with an overwhelming sense of loss ever since we found out that Gerald White would be leaving us. We are going to miss him very, very much. Gerald played a crucial role as a member of the group that was accountable for establishing the framework for the establishment of the company. Gerald passed away on Monday (the 6th of February), and a memorial ceremony commemorating his life will be conducted at the Forest Lawn West Funeral Home on Thursday (the 10th of February) (10th of February).

The memorial service will be held in honor of Gerald (10th of February). The funeral service and memorial gathering will be held in Gerald’s honor at some point in the future (the 16th of February). The wake will begin at noon and continue through one in the afternoon, while the funeral ceremony will begin at two in the afternoon. The wake will continue until one in the afternoon. The showing will take place at some point during the hours that have been set.