Godavari Express derails near Hyderabad, passengers safe

Six coaches of the Godavari Express, which was on its way from Visakhapatnam in the state of Andhra Pradesh to Hyderabad, reportedly derailed near to this location on Wednesday morning, according to South Central Railway (SCR) officials. No one was hurt, according to the officials, as a result of the incident.

“At around 6:10 in the morning, the Visakhapatnam-Hyderabad Godavari Express train number 12727 derailed between the Bibinagar and Ghatkesar railway stations. The Bibinagar Station had previously been traversed by the train. In the derailment that occurred on the train’s path from S4 to S1, four sleeping class coaches, one general coach, and one luggage-cum-brake van perished “based on a statement made by SCR.

None of the passengers sustained any injuries. No one has been killed and no one has been injured, a senior officer with the SCR has assured the media. “Despite the fact that we had provided buses and cabs for everyone else, some people nevertheless departed on their own via the road. The passengers who were on board the derailed coaches were transferred to the unaffected coaches. Together with the passengers, the incident-unaffected portion of the train left the scene and made it safely to Secunderabad station.

A team of doctors treated them, and not one of them made any claims of being hurt throughout the process “He declared. The official went on to explain that a full investigation and an inquiry will both be conducted, both of which would be very thorough. Nine trains were entirely canceled as a direct result of the collision and the ensuing disruption to the track, whilst 19 trains were only partially canceled, seven trains were rescheduled, and six trains were redirected.

As soon as they heard about the incident, a group of railway officials, including medical personnel, went to the scene in an accident relief train (also known as an ART) and a medical relief van (also known as an MRV). They were there to do relief and repair efforts. While on board, the passengers were checked by both the railway and medical professionals for any urgent medical requirements or other prerequisites. A thorough examination, according to SCR officials, indicated that none of the passengers had suffered any wounds.

Arun Kumar Jain, the general manager of SCR, and the rest of the team hurried to the catastrophe site and personally inspected the rescue and rehabilitation operations being conducted there. SCR stated in a press statement that “one line working has been implemented in the segment to clear the trains regulated due to the obstruction of a line due to the derailment” out of the two lines existent in the Bibinagar – Ghatkesar section. Single-line working has been put into place in the section to free up the controlled trains due to the derailment-related obstruction of a line.