Jeffrey Whitworth Obituary, Jeffrey Whitworth Has Passed Away Unexpectedly

Jeffrey Whitworth Death, Obituary – On February 9, 2023, Jeffrey Allen Whitworth departed away suddenly and unexpectedly, which has left us in a state of confusion and overwhelmed with loss. On January 6, 1974 at 6:39 p.m., at the Cox Medical Center in Springfield, Missouri, his parents, James L. and Judith A. Whitworth, were overjoyed to welcome their son into the world. His birth took place at that location.

James L. and Judith A. Whitworth felt an overwhelming sense of delight upon learning that they were going to become parents. He was born and reared in Springfield, and during his childhood he was an integral part of his family’s efforts to expand their residential real estate firm there.

He held down a job there in addition to being a resident there. The contributions that Jeff made were crucial in driving the growth of the company to a level that was significantly more than what we had thought it would be. As a direct result of his departure, the roster of the squad will include a significant hole.

We are going to miss Jeff’s wonderful smile, his warm, loving heart, kind words, his encouraging ways, and his profound love for his family until the day comes when we are all back together again. Jeff was a very reserved individual who focused the majority of his time on his family.

Oh, we have a feeling that particular day is going to be a lot of fun for you. Easter Sunday, when Jeff was eight years old, was the day that marked the beginning of his spiritual rebirth. Through this rebirth, he entered the Kingdom of God, which was founded by Jesus Christ, who is also known as our Lord and Savior.

Jeff’s life has been marked by several momentous events, but this one is by far the most important. Audrey Ann Whitworth, who was the only child Jeff ever had, together with his parents, Jim and Judi Whitworth, are the only members of Jeff’s family to have survived him.

Audrey Ann Whitworth is the only member of Jeff’s family to have survived him. Only one member of Jeff’s family, Audrey Ann Whitworth, managed to stay alive after he passed away. There will be a private service held at the cemetery, where the burial will take place.