Logan McNeary Obituary, In Loving Memory Of Logan McNeary

Logan McNeary Death, Obituary – On February 10, 2023, our dear friends Bob and Juanita McNeary tragically lost their oldest son Logan in an accident. There was a 14-year-old boy there named Logan. If you had known Logan, you would have adored him.

He was a passionate performer and dancer, setting trends with the best hair in the world (honestly, his Michael Jackson movements were unrivaled). The male was rather large as well.

In 2009, he passed away. Those of you who are familiar with Logan’s family are already aware of how generous and lovely they areā€”some of the most gorgeous people we’ve ever had the honor and privilege to call our friends.

They are speechless when asked “What can we do to help,” despite the fact that they are overwhelmed by the love and support they have received.

Because they are always helping others, they find it very difficult to receive anything, but they have given me permission to create this page on their behalf so that people can assist them without sending them presents like food or flowers. Anyone can support them on this website, and they can support them in person.

The funds donated will assist the McNeary family in covering burial expenses for Logan as well as other expenses as they work to rebuild their lives.

Juanita is also acting in a way that is true to who she is; she has been thinking about other people’s needs and intends to locate a memorial that is meaningful to Logan by giving a donation in his honor to a charity that will improve the lives of others.

She is still figuring out exactly how that looks, so any suggestions that are truly unusual in this regard would be greatly appreciated. Although the date and location of his memorial service have not yet been determined, further information will be made public very soon. Click HERE To View Logan McNeary GoFundMe Page.