Olga Millette, Woonsocke RI, Cumberland Dies after Deadly car accident

Olga MilletteĀ  Death – My beloved mother took her last breath yesterday, and she is now with Jesus in heaven. She will be greatly missed. The day before yesterday was the last day of her life on earth. The day before yesterday was the day that Jesus embraced her once again and welcomed her back into his care for the rest of eternity. He did this on the day that he received his resurrection from the dead.

On the same day that he did this, he extended his arms to her in a welcoming gesture. It is difficult to put into words the agony that each of your children are feeling as a result of the passing of their mother, who was the most giving and selfless person who has ever lived. She was the kindest person who has ever lived. You are always and forever a part of our thoughts and hearts, and this won’t ever change.

Because we cared so deeply about you, we have promised that we will keep you updated about the preparations that are being made for the funeral as soon as we receive any more information regarding those plans. This is a promise that we are keeping because we cared so deeply about you. Regardless of how old she was when she died away, the passing of your mother will continue to have an effect on you throughout your life.

There is no way to alter this aspect of the situation. This holds true regardless of the age group. Even though this is the most difficult time in your life, I hope and pray that you will be able to find happiness and serenity in the memories that you already have.