Shelly Groutage Obituary, Shelly Groutage Has Peacefully Passed Away

Shelly Groutage Obituary, Death –  Shelly Groutage died in an off-roading accident. She was with her family in the desert near her home. This is the worst thing I’ve ever heard. I don’t know how I’ll ever get over not being able to say goodbye and never seeing her again. Shelly, my mother, was unlike anyone else. You’d know what I mean if you knew her. She is so strong.

I feel like she spent most of my childhood leaning over the hood of a car in the front yard, riding her motorcycle, building something working out in the garden, or helping someone else. Or dancing. We would go to country bars with her, but she never drank. Instead, she was always the best dancer. She liked dancing a lot. She had very strong hands, but she was also very girly. She liked to look nice and liked to get her nails done. She loved learning and reading the most. My mom taught me to love and respect everyone.

No matter how they looked or where they came from, everyone was welcome in our home. There were some really hard times for us. My mother always made sure that we thanked God for what we had. She was so strong on her own. Intelligent, creative, and artistic. Being open to others. Christ Like. She worked at Autozone when I was younger and went to college on her laptop. She eventually got her Master’s degree and started working as a teacher. She didn’t give any reasons, and nothing could stop her.