Two miners missing 125m underground after ‘collapse’ at Queensland mine

Two miners are missing after their truck fell into a deep hole due to a “ground collapse” in the remote Dugald River zinc mine in Mount Isa in northwest Queensland. A search and rescue operation has been started to find them. The men’s ute went missing at a depth of roughly 125 meters underground after it dropped into a stope, a sizable chasm that contains the ore being mined.

In the incident on Wednesday, a drill rig and another vehicle both went to the stop, but the operator was saved and treated for minor, non-life-threatening wounds. Although the mine is controlled by MMG Limited, a Hong Kong-listed business, operations at the mine ceased as a result of the men’s disappearance. The men are employed by the mining company Barminco.

Drones were being used by the rescue teams to determine the extent of the stope and the circumstances in which the men are stuck. The business stated in a statement that the rescue would start as soon as the person had completed their analysis of the data to assure the security of the emergency rescue team.

The rescue team was concentrated on carrying out the job as swiftly and safely as possible, according to Mark Norwell, managing director and chief executive of Perenti, the parent company of Barminco, which is listed on the ASX. The Dugald River mine at MMG has been run by our teams since 2012, and the majority of our employees live in the area, according to Norwell.

“I am aware that a significant section of the Cloncurry neighborhood either works at the site or is acquainted with someone who does. My sympathies are with the Cloncurry town as well as the relatives and friends of our two missing coworkers. “This tragedy has had an impact on everyone at Perenti, and we continue to hold out hope for a successful resolution.

“Parenti is also offering support to the families and coworkers of our missing team members while the situation is still developing,” the statement continued. After arriving at a scene near the Dugald River at 1:12 pm to respond to a “ground collapse,” paramedics reported they were helping other emergency teams. Resources Safety Queensland inspectors were also present to support first responders.