1 Found Dead in Queensland AU, confirmed to be Miners

Miners Found Dead –  A rescue operation that lasted more than 24 hours came to a “devastating” end on Thursday when it was discovered that two men had died after falling down a “void” in a remote Australian zinc mine. Their coworkers described the outcome as “devastating.” The accident occurred on Wednesday at the Dugald River mine in Queensland, and the owner of the plant said in a statement that the miners were traveling in a light utility vehicle when it crashed into an ore extraction tunnel.

According to the chief executive of Perenti, Mark Norwell, “This is a tragic conclusion, and I want to convey my sincerest regrets and condolences to the families, friends, colleagues, and loved ones of Trevor and Dylan.” Both Trevor Davis, age 36, and Dylan Langridge, age 33, succumbed to their injuries and died as a result of the tragedy, which took place around 125 meters (410 ft) below ground.

The Primary Distribution Route More>> The parent company of the mine operator, Perenti Group, stated that the two employees were “valued team members and well respected” and that they had fallen 15 meters (50 feet) into a “vacuum” below ground. In the remote town of Cloncurry in western Queensland, the Dugald River mine provides employment for over 500 people. The mine is located approximately 20 hours’ journey inland from the state capital of Brisbane.

The mine processes around 1.7 million metric tons of ore every year, according to MMG, which is a company that is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The mining industry is one of the most important contributors to Australia’s economy. The country’s deposits of zinc, lithium, and nickel account for roughly 30 percent of the global total. According to the government, despite the fact that studies have shown Australia’s mining industry to be one of the safest when compared to worldwide standards, it is still the third deadliest business in the country.