Bill French Obituary, 911 Telecommunicators And First Responders, Bill French Has Died

Bill French Obituary, Death – Bill French, who was responsible for managing business in our company’s Eastern Area. This information is being conveyed to you with a deep sense of regret on our part. It was impossible not to fall in love with Bill if you knew him and spent any amount of time with him. Bill was a fervent supporter in our state for the 911 Telecommunicators and the First Responders, and he was known as one of the most passionate proponents for both groups.

He was a staunch advocate for the cause that we were fighting for. Bill was very interested in furthering his own education and making certain that those around him were also expanding their horizons intellectually. He had just recently received his certification in order to become a member of our wellness committee and to provide peer support to anyone who was in need, and he was also developing his career by introducing the Center Manager Certification Program to the state of North Carolina (CMCP).

He shone a magnificent light into every space that he visited, and we shall attempt to carry on his legacy by carrying that light within us in order to continue the legacy that he began. He shone like a brilliant star. We are sorry to inform you that at this time we are unable to provide any information regarding the services; nevertheless, we will make it a point to inform you about the arrangements as soon as they become available to us.