Dennis McMahon Obituary Hawthorne, NY, Operating Engineers Local 14 Worker Has Died

Dennis McMahon Obituary, Death – 48-year-old Dennis McMahon lived on Earth from August 26, 1974, until February 14, 2023. Dennis was well-liked and revered by those close to him. He wore a broad smile on his face at all times. Our recollections of his dominating voice and sincere laughter will live forever.

If you were fortunate enough to have known Dennis, as many people were, you undoubtedly already knew of his unrivaled compassion, devotion, and kindness. Even if you didn’t ask, he would give you everything in his possession. Those of us who knew Dennis is aware that he wouldn’t want us to mourn his passing; instead, he would want us to continue setting an example for others by being forgiving, compassionate, and resilient.

With Dennis in it, the world was a better place, and now, without a doubt, paradise is. Dennis, the husband, father, son, son-in-law, brother, brother-in-law, uncle, nephew, cousin, and friend will be introduced to us once again.
Just Colleen (Licursi) McMahon, Dennis’ wife, is still standing. Dennis and Colleen exchanged their initial vows in 2001, and they later renewed them. They were inseparable in their affection.

Madison and Molly McMahon, his two devoted children, continue to live after Dennis. Seldom in history has a parent been more devoted and content. His mother Lyn (Hanrahan) McMahon, siblings Brian, Ellen, Kevin, and Paul, mother-in-law Ginny Licursi, sisters-in-law Corinne Licursi, Marcie, Solange, and Candice McMahon, brother-in-law Robert Kane, nieces and nephews Lilly, Charlotte, and Ian Kane, as well as Patrick, Rebecca, Landon, and Cameron, are also left behind by Dennis.

He enrolled at Manhattan College after completing his education at Fordham Prep and Annunciation School. Dennis later spent a sizable amount of time working for Operating Engineers Local 14. Dennis was dedicated to living a healthy, active lifestyle. With his devoted wife Colleen, he delighted in extended gym sessions, bike rides, and hot yoga sessions. He would get together with family and friends whenever he could for a delicious lunch that featured every appetizer on the menu. He undoubtedly watched every possible nature and animal documentary.