Irene Ekkens Obituary, Member Of The Classic Movie Nights Has Passed Away

Irene Ekkens Obituary, Death – The news that one of my most valued customers at our Vintage Movie Nights at the Historic USO Building had gone away this morning left me feeling totally heartbroken, and I found out that the person’s passing has left me feeling utterly devastated. Throughout the course of several years.

Irene Haslam Ekkens and her family were consistent attendees at our seminars. I always made sure to reserve a table for them towards the back of the auditorium close to a cozy spot for one of the many beautiful guide dogs that they were training at the time. This was something that I did without fail. Irene would always greet me with a warm and loving hug, and I knew that when they took their seats, it was time for the show to begin because that was the cue she gave me.

Irene would always give me a warm and loving hug when she saw me. I am going to mourn Irene’s passing very deeply. Despite this, I am positive that she will have a place in Heaven where she may sit and watch the movies that were her favorites for the rest of eternity. This location will always be designated for her. I would want to take this opportunity to thank you, Irene, for the countless acts of charity that you have performed not only for me but also for a very large number of other people.