Janice Hickman Obituary, Janice Hickman Has Sadly Passed Away

Janice Hickman Death, Obituary – The news that John Hickman’s wife, Janice Hickman, passed away yesterday in the middle of the night is very upsetting to all of us. Janice Hickman passed away quietly (15th of February).

The only thing that has been scheduled as of right now is the burial, which is going to take place at the Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery (not expected until March). Any new information that we come across will be added to this website as soon as it is in a state where it can be disseminated to the public.

We ask that you join us in keeping John and his family in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this difficult time. We know that it will help them tremendously. We are aware that you are considering them at this very now.

She was the proud grandmother of 17 grandkids and great-grandchildren, bringing her total to a whopping 27 grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She was Johnnie Hickman’s faithful wife for the majority of their 59-year marriage.

She was the devoted mother of John E. (Rose) Hickman, Janet (L.J.) Owens, William (Bonnie) Hickman, Sandra Bourgoine, Lillian (Randy) Doolin, James Hickman, Robert (Kim), and Daniel Hickman, as well as one daughter-in-law, Michelle Hickman.

Her children included John E. (Rose) Hickman, Robert (Kim), and Daniel Hickman In addition, she was survived by one granddaughter-in-law. She passed away. In addition to the fact that she herself has survived, she is survived by her sister Esther (later LaVerne) Schure and a number of nieces and nephews.

Her sister Esther (later LaVerne) Schure also survives her. Her parents and one sister, Thelma (late William) Liberty, as well as her son, Jeffrey Hickman, who passed away in 2009; her grandson, Christopher J. Bourgoine, who passed away in 2004; and her great-grandson, Ryan James, who passed away in 2007, all passed away before she did. Her great-grandson, Ryan James, passed away in 2007. Ryan James, who was her great-grandson, went away in the year 2007.