Jose Murillo Obituary, Man Killed In Durham Shooting Incident Near Holloway Street

Jose Murillo Obituary, Death – It has been determined that a single person was killed as a result of a shooting that took place in Durham early on Thursday morning. This was determined through the use of conclusive evidence. The incidence that took place before has directly contributed to the dissemination of this information.

According to the report that was submitted to the Durham Police Department, a shot was fired at a residence that was located on Park Avenue and was not too far from Holloway Street. The location of the residence was not specified in the report. After arriving at the apartment at 8:00 in the morning, officers from the local police department discovered that José Manuel Caceres-Murillo, who was 64 years old at the time, had been shot.

After learning that Caceres-Murillo had been shot, they uncovered this piece of information. It wasn’t until some time had passed before it was discovered that he had passed away at the location in question till after some time had elapsed. There is nothing that can be divulged at this time that can be shared with the public regarding a probable suspect in connection with this investigation.

Investigator M. Strickland can be reached at (919) 560-4440, extension 29536, and CrimeStoppers can be reached at (919) 683-1200 if anybody has any information that may be helpful to the investigation. Anyone with information is encouraged to call either of these numbers.