Michael Shipp Obituary, Founder & Owner Of East Coast Bicycles´╗┐ Has Died

Michael Shipp Death, Obituary – We write this poetry as I do it with a great deal of melancholy in my heart. Michael Shipp, the founder and current owner of this business, passed away today while biking, one of the things in his life that brought him the most joy.

Please be patient with us as we try to make sense of a situation that has severely distressed us all here at the business. Please keep his wife Iesha, his children Elijah and Ariana, and the rest of his family in your thoughts and prayers as they traverse this challenging time.

Both Linda Blackburn and Dr. Darl B. Shipp In the Kentucky hamlet of Covington on December 17, 1964, Shipp’s parents welcomed him into the world. Mr. Shipp was a farmer, a member of the Dry Ridge Christian Church, and a tool maker for the Mubea Corporation in Florence, Kentucky.

Mr. Shipp enjoyed being outside, and he frequently went hunting and fishing there. He belonged to Florence Steelworkers Union, #1, where he had previously served in various executive board roles and as president.

Also, he belonged to the National Rifle Association, the North American Hunting Club, the National Rifle Association, and the National Wild Turkey Federation. He belonged to a number of organizations, including the North American Hunting Club and the National Rifle Association.

Also, he belonged to the Florence Steelworkers Union and the North American Hunting Club. Mr. Shipp belongs to a number of equestrian organizations, including the National Riding Horse Association, the Kentucky Quarter Horse Association, and the American Quarter Horse Association. Just Morgan Brenlee Shipp, Melissa Bowen Shipp, his parents, Dr. Darl B. Shipp, and their respective spouses will remain in the family after Mr. Shipp’s passing. They will all be in mourning when he passes away.