Cisco Pinedo Obituary, Los Angeles CA, Cisco Pinedo peacefully passed away

Cisco Pinedo Obituary – The terrible news that we have to share with you regarding Cisco is something that we are doing so with a sad heart. On the previous Saturday, for reasons that nobody can explain, he suddenly collapsed and died of a heart attack in Mexico, where he was vacationing with his friends. Since it has already caused shock waves to be carried throughout his family and neighborhood, we are aware that this unanticipated loss will be tough for all of you to bear.

Cisco’s ingenuity in business, friendship, and enormous generosity of spirit have had a huge impact on a significant chunk of so many of our lives, as well as our means of subsistence. This is true for both our lives and the methods by which we support ourselves. He took an interest in the prosperity of the customers as well as the merchants, and he grew fond of many of you, regarding you in the first place as friends who were very near to his heart.

He cared about the success of both the customers and the merchants. He had a vested interest in the prosperity of both the clientele and the business owners. You can only imagine the emotional toll that this senseless tragedy has placed not just on the Pinedo family but also on the rest of the Cisco Home community as a whole.

We would appreciate it if you could be patient with us while we work through a tough transition in both our personal lives and in the day-to-day operations of our business. You are all still extremely valuable members of our community, and we are unwavering in our dedication to continuing the work that Cisco has begun. We are going to put forth a lot of effort to be as imaginative, empathetic, and vibrant as he was.