Don Laws Obituary, Member Of TN Police Department Has Sadly Passed Away

Don Laws Obituary, Death – Don Laws, a resident of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, is a member of the Lawrenceburg Police Department and gives back to his community in his capacity as a law enforcement officer. On February 17, 2023, a signal will be given to indicate the conclusion of the watch. The watch will be terminated on this particular date.

Don was held in extremely high regard and affection by those who were particularly close to him, including his family and other loved ones. These individuals really adored Don. My history with Don goes back to the very beginning, to the time when we met for the very first time. That was well over a decade ago. In addition to the fact that he was a member of the same squad as me, he was also a wonderful friend who was always there to support me in whatever that I did. He was always there to back me up in anything I did.

Dear friend, I am going to miss the chance to spend time with you in the future. I will miss spending time with you. Friend, now that you are aware that we will be keeping a tight check on everything from this vantage point in which we are now placed, you are free to unwind and enjoy yourself to the fullest extent possible. It is my prayer that, with God’s help, the honorable souls of everyone who has ever lived and died would, in the end, be able to rest in the serenity and contentment that they deserve.