Elinor Hawkins Obituary, Member Of The New Bern High School Has Sadly Passed Away

Elinor Hawkins Obituary, Death –¬†Elinor Hawkins passed away the week before last. She was a wonderful person. Throughout the more than half a century that she served as the news director of WCTI, she was responsible for the Telestory program that the station broadcast. In addition to this, she was a fervent supporter of the expansion of libraries as well as the act of reading itself. In addition to that, she possessed a considerable interest for sports of all kinds.

I had the chance to get to know her better as she was watching her grandson Stephen play baseball at the New Bern high school game. Stephen is one of her great-grandchildren. Stephen was taking part in the game that was going on. When Ms Elinor told me how much she enjoyed the Blitz, she paid me one of the most sincere compliments I have ever received. She also gave me one of the most sincere comments I have ever heard.

She stated that it was not the reason why she watched; rather, she watched because she enjoyed the stories that were presented. When I questioned her if she watched despite the fact that she had grandchildren playing nearby, she responded that she did not watch for that reason. Miss Elinor had a remarkable life for someone of her age, living to the age of 95 despite the fact that she was 95 years old. This is a chronological account of her life, written in the sequence in which the events took place.