Keith Hawxhurst of Canaan, N.H, sadly passed away in tragic accident

Keith Hawxhurst Death – A Canaanite man was killed after the vehicle he was driving ran off the roadway, over an embankment, and into a river after it had already gone off the route. The river was the last destination for the vehicle after it had already gone off the route. The automobile was going to stop at the river as its very final destination. The dead man’s body was located in the river where it had been there for some time. It was determined that drowning was the cause of his death.

Keith Hawxhurst, age 42, was the driver of a pickup truck that was involved in an accident with a guardrail as it was traveling on Route 4 close to where it crosses with Lafortune Road. The accident occurred as the pickup vehicle was traveling on Route 4. An accident occurred on Thursday night about 11:30 o’clock, and it was reported as being a head-on collision. Hawxhurst was the one who was driving the pickup truck when that unfortunate situation occurred.

He was the one who was in control. The findings of the inquiry that was carried out by the Cannan Police Department revealed that Hawxhurst’s truck had been in the air for roughly one hundred feet before it crashed into the Indian River. After extracting him from his submerged pickup truck and bringing him to an ambulance, the first responders made several attempts to revive him by performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), but they were unsuccessful.

Nonetheless, the authorities have stated that driving too swiftly for the current conditions was a crucial factor that contributed to the accident that took place. Yet, the authorities have asserted that driving too quickly for the conditions was a significant contributor to the incident that occurred. Nonetheless, the police have admitted that driving too quickly for the conditions was a crucial component in the accident, even if the inquiry into what caused the disaster is still underway.