Maureen Shea Obituary, New York, Maureen Shea has passed away – Death

Maureen Shea Obituary – She was a devoted and loving mother to her children, John F. Shea, Jr. and his wife Doreen of Norfolk, Colleen Flanagan and her husband Bill of Galloway, OH, Denise Mahoney and her husband David of Plymouth, James Shea and his wife Dara of Milford, and Diane Holland and her husband Tom of Norwell.

Her children are: John F. Shea, Jr. and his wife Doreen; Colleen Flanagan and her husband Bill grandmother of David, John III, Jeffrey, Lindsay, Erin, Gregory, Ryan, Christopher, Michael, Kendra, and Thomas, in addition to being the grandma of Brett. In addition to this, she was the great-grandmother of Christopher and Gregory. Evelyn and Maya’s great-grandmother, as well as the great-grandmother of John IV, William, and Lucas.

Moreover, she was John III’s great-grandmother. The sole child to have survived after the deaths of both of his parents, Frank and Agnes O’Sullivan. She was not just devoted to the First Baptist Church in Leesburg, Virginia, where she was an active participant, but she was also devoted to serving her community as an active volunteer. She lived her life with a strong sense of commitment to both her faith and her community.

Over the entirety of her stay in Florida, she kept herself busy by engaging in a wide variety of activities, such as playing golf, participating in water aerobics, playing bonco, dancing, doing puzzles, and reading. She was having a wonderful time with her friends, and while they were playing golf, she even managed to get a hole-in-one for herself. She was devoted to her role as John F. Shea’s wife during the sixty years that had passed before his passing.