Morris Thompson Obituary, longtime Coylton Tennis player has passed away

Morris Thompson Death – M. Thompson and Morris Thompson are the same person. Tennis Ayrshire were put in an awkward situation when they were required to inform their members of the untimely passing of Morris Thompson, since they were in the position of having to break the news to their members. Over the whole of his adult life, Morris was active in a wide variety of tennis-related activities, including playing, coaching, and officiating matches.

He was the Little Tennis Convenor for Tennis Ayrshire for a significant amount of years, and he was also instrumental in the Coylton Tennis Club and the Coylton Primary School. Both of these institutions are located in Coylton. In addition to that, he served on the Board of Directors for Tennis Ayrshire for a while.

In addition to this, he assisted a great number of younger youngsters in Ayrshire in taking their initial steps toward a future career as tennis professionals. A significant amount of effort was put forward by Morris in South Ayrshire and the surrounding areas to encourage younger people to begin playing tennis as a sport. He was able to achieve this objective by volunteering numerous hours of his own time to teach tennis at local schools and at the Coylton Tennis club.

In addition, he contributed financial support to local tennis competitions and events. We are all going to miss him very, very much and on a regular basis. During this trying time, his family is in my thoughts and prayers. I am thinking and praying for them. The time and location of the funeral have not been made public as of yet; however, you can be certain that we will convey this information to you as soon as we get additional data. You can rest assured that this information will be sent to you. The Committee of the Ayrshire County Tennis Association.