Norma Thiele Obituary, Norma Thiele Has Sadly Passed Away

Norma Thiele Obituary, Death – Those of you who have been coming to North Side since 1955 undoubtedly have a clear mental image stashed away somewhere of Norma Thiele. She has been a fixture at North Side since the very beginning. Norma battled cancer with bravery and valor for a substantial amount of time before making the decision on the 13th of February, which was a Monday, to give up the fight against the illness. On February 18th, her funeral is going to be held at Suburban Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne.

You can find more information here. The memorial service honoring her life will take place later on today. There is a chance that other information will become apparent to you as you continue reading this section of the essay. At ten o’clock in the morning, we will have a time slot reserved for fellowship, and at eleven o’clock, the service will get underway and begin in earnest. We will have a time slot reserved for fellowship at ten o’clock in the morning.

Because she graduated from North High School in 1995, a large number of you presumably have memories and experiences that relate to her time spent there. If given the opportunity to do so, you would be pleased to share these with others. The anecdotes and experiences she shares here are relevant to the time she stayed in that location. You should not allow your feeling of modesty to prevent you from discussing it with other people because you are concerned about what other people may think of you.