2 Detroit police officers found dead from apparent murder-suicide in Livonia

The bodies of two Detroit police officers were found at an apartment complex in Livonia. The circumstances surrounding their deaths appear to be consistent with a murder-suicide. Their skeletal remains were found on Sunday at a complex in the neighborhood that is situated close to the intersection of 6 Mile and Farmington.

According to Captain Gregory Yon of the Livonia Police Department, officers from the city were on patrol when a member of the victim’s family flagged down the officers and requested that they halt what they were doing and check on the individual’s well-being. When the officers finally made it inside, they discovered two victims who had already passed dead before their arrival.

According to statements made by Chief James White of the Detroit Police Department, all indications point to the event having been a murder-suicide. The female officer, who was 22, and the male officer, who was 26, were involved in a love relationship. The age difference between them was four years. According to the reports from the police, the youngster was located unharmed and inside the residence, where he or she was then given to a member of the family.