Barbara Rhodes Obituary, Barbara Rhodes Has Passed Away

Barbara Rhodes obituary, Death РBarbara Rhodes peacefully passed away. She got along well with many individuals throughout her life, including friends, coworkers, and neighbors. She gave her everything as a wife, mother, and grandmother. She also has a huge number of fantastic pals. With a rare gift, Barbara treated everyone she interacted with as though they were great people.

She never missed a chance to go have fun at the Manasquan inlet or the beach, and she was always eager to do so whenever the occasion presented itself. In her later years, nothing made her happier than relaxing on her balcony and taking in the scenery. Her greatest sources of happiness and fulfillment in life were her grandkids in particular. They were fortunate to be able to enjoy the joy of receiving a lovingly delivered card on each significant occasion or distinctive event that took place in their life.

Her husband Willett A. Rhodes passed away in 2004 and her daughter Lisa Beth Rhodes left the home in 1974. They are unfortunately the final piece of their family. She was born in 2004, the year she committed suicide. She also leaves behind her daughter Amy Veivia, son-in-law Jeffrey, and daughter-in-law Jerrie Lynn Rhodes, as well as seven grandchildren: Lauren Rhodes, Olivia Rhodes, Audrey Veivia, Alexander Veivia, Lisa Veivia, and Katherine Veivia.

She also leaves Nicholas Rhodes and Kathryn in her wake. The other Barbara survivors are her sister Dorothy, brother William, sister Elizabeth, and their respective husbands. She also leaves behind a sizable number of nieces and nephews. She was an active participant in Manasquan’s Church of St. Denis and never missed a Sunday service. There won’t be a mass held in Barbara’s honor, per her instructions for the funeral preparations. She said that she preferred pleasant memories of herself to sad memories of the people who were important to her, and that’s why she didn’t want a funeral.