Family Mourns Three teenagers killed in murder-suicide in Galena Park

Four teens died in two separate tragedies over the course of three days, leaving the Galena Park neighborhood in great anguish. Families and friends who were grieving gathered to memorialize the young lives lost. An attempted murder-suicide was the more recent event. Four people, including three young girls, died in the final moments. It occurred inside a house on Second Street close to Eastway.

The youngsters’ loved ones held a vigil on Sunday to commemorate them. Susy Villafranca expressed her sadness and disbelief at what had occurred. Two of the gunshot victims, according to Villafranca, were her nieces. Lily, the mother of the teenager, stood next to her while grieving. She remarked, “She’s not doing well.

Melany Torres, 13, and Sayuri Gill, 19, were sisters. The two were shot and died in a murder-suicide together with their neighbor and friend, Laisha Perez, who was 14 years old. At six months pregnant, Sayuri. They were overjoyed. Those were contented girls, Susy remarked. According to detectives, the gunman was the mother of the sisters’ sisters’ boyfriend, who had grown envious.

According to investigators, a 12-year-old girl was sexually molested by the 38-year-old before being told to leave.She is clearly not doing well, according to Villafranca. A gunshot was recorded by surveillance equipment originating from a Galena Park house. A one-year-old baby was saved by the 12-year-old girl seen in the video. David Brown, a local, resides across the street from the scene of the tragedy.

“About 10:30 yesterday night, I heard gunshots. You can see my cameras on this tree right here and all over the home. I got up when I saw someone else sprint down the street, said David Brown. The family is currently using photographs to preserve the memory of the victims. They are attempting to understand why such an incident occurred. These were contented girls. They had a constant smile. They always had a good thing to say, even when I felt horrible, said Susy Villafranca.