Lydia Elking Obituary, St. Louis Missouri Resident Sadly Passed Away

Lydia Elking Obituary, Death – Lydia Elking sadly passed away. Beloved wife of Ronald Elking, who passed away several years ago; loving mother of Joseph Sr. (Valerie), Tora (Ralph) Ragsdale, Ronnie (Tracy), and Gregory (Tracey) Elking; cherished grandmother of Joe Jr. (Annie), Lydia (Nacho) Novas, Lucy (Mark) Pizzella, Lindsay Elking (Taylor).

Nick Ragsdale (Kim), Abby Elking (Tim), and Maggie El (Tim) Since Linda was such a wonderful person who dedicated her life completely to her family, her ideals, and The Ladies of Charity, she was affectionately referred to as “The Ladies.” She was a regular in the front row of the congregation whenever she attended services at the church that she attended with Elaine Roche on a weekly basis at nine in the morning.

She was well-versed in the required processes, and she was present to supervise their execution when those procedures were being carried out. Take great care to recollect and appreciate the lovely memories you have of your mother, and find comfort in the knowledge that you, along with your siblings and other relatives, now have an additional special guardian angel watching out for all of you.

Remember the memories you have of your mother carefully and make an effort to cherish them. To be able to raise all of you, children, by herself, your mother must have been a very strong and capable lady. As the situation develops, we ask that you look out for one another and know that we will be keeping all of you in our thoughts and prayers. Please look out for one another.