Martin Luna Obituary, Washington, DC, Logan 14 Aveda Lifestyle Salon Staff Has Died

Martin Luna Obituary, Death – Works at Logan 14 Aveda Lifestyle Salon~Spa, JR’s Bar, and VIDA Fitness Lives in Washington D.C. On Thursday afternoon, Martin was taken in an ambulance to the local hospital. He was not the Martin that we are familiar with. The doctors came to the conclusion that they should let him rest and then intubate him.

He passed away without any pain or suffering on a Sunday morning between the hours of 4 and 4:30. In his final words, he expressed his love for all of you and his gratitude for everything that each and every one of you had done for him. His goal was to unwind in the comfort of his own house.

His home was where he was from originally, in Peru. We want to make it feasible for him to live out his goal so that he may finally relax. The cost of carrying out this procedure is quite high. Anything helps, and we are really grateful for everyone’s assistance. My grandfather Nelson Luna expresses his gratitude to each of you. The entirety of the funds will be used to pay for medical bills, funeral and memorial costs, and travel to Peru.

We had the same temperament and sense of humor, so we were kindred spirits. Because we had spent so much time together working at the bars, there was no one who put in more effort to climb their way to the top. Even though we’ve been going through a hard patch for the past few years, he would constantly tells me that we don’t have any emotions. There was no one else with whom I would have felt more comfortable making a sarcastic, condescending, or critical remark than him.

No one else could put as much pressure on you to down a shot of Deep Eddy’s as the bartender did. There was no one who was as well known throughout the entirety of the gay bar scene in Washington, DC as Martin; in fact, we made arrangements for the evening depending on where he could score free drinks (He would appreciate that comment). Oh, Martini Bellini, or Martina NavritoHOva, I shall miss you so much, and I don’t know what that emptiness in my chest is right now because we don’t have hearts. Martini Bellini and Martina Navratilova are the same people.