Natalia Callejas Obituary, John Carroll Class Of 2021 Alumna Has Passed Away

Natalia Callejas Obituary, Death – The group comprises principal Corey Heroux in addition to the students, academic staff, and instructors. The weekend is about to start, so I just want everyone to be calm and settle down for a little before we go any further. Natalia Callejas, a recent JCHS graduate who was due to join the Class of 2021

Passed away tragically unexpectedly on Wednesday as a result of complications with the medication she was getting for a recently diagnosed brain tumor. As I share this knowledge with you, I am carrying a huge burden in my heart.
Natalia was a beautiful young woman who was brilliant, enthusiastic, and diligent. She excelled in all of her studies. To introduce Natalia to those of you who are unfamiliar with her.

Since she genuinely cared about the individuals she believed to be her friends, she was the kind of student in which John Carroll could take pride. For those of you who weren’t familiar with Natalia, she was a student who could make John Carroll proud. The idea that “we are a community bonded in Christ’s love” is one of our guiding principles and one of our core ideas is one that we at John Carroll have adopted.

I’d want to invite everyone who attends JCHS to join me in prayer today. Please grant my request and inform everyone. Please continue to pray for and think about the Callejas family in the coming days. They are going through a difficult time. May God give them the solace and tranquility they need to get through this trying time. On February 21 at 2:00 p.m., a memorial liturgy will be held at St. Agatha Church in Miami. You are cordially welcome to go. Alvaro This invitation is sent by José Callejas Menicucci, Maria Auxiliadora Gurdian Teran, Sofia Carolina Callejas Gurdian, and Natalia. The Mass has been requested by Natalia’s parents.