Patrick McDermott Obituary, In Loving Memory Of Kevin McDermott

Patrick McDermott Death, Obituary – We have informed the Old Boys community about the demise of Kevin McDermott, and while doing so does not come without a great degree of remorse on our end, we do so with profound grief. We express our condolences to Kevin’s family and friends (student from 1949-53).

We are keeping the McDermott family in our thoughts and prayers as they go through this difficult time. They are in our thoughts and prayers as we continue to remember them. This picture was shot in 1953, and in it, Kevin is shown participating in an athletic event for Hayes High School.

He held the position of engineer at a company that specialized in the construction of fire suppression and prevention systems. Reading, working on his bicycles, working on home improvement projects, and going outside were some of Kevin’s favorite activities to do in his spare time when he had some free time.

When he passes away, he will be survived by a large group of people, including his two daughters, Megan C. McDermott and her husband Sebastian Gonzalez, and Alison G. McDermott, as well as his brother Michael McDermott and his wife Kathleen, his sister Donna DeBlase and her husband Robert, as well as two nieces and one nephew. He will also be survived by his sister Donna DeBlase and her husband Robert. In addition, his sister Donna DeBlase and her husband Robert will be forced to stay in their current location.