Phyl Braybrook Obituary, Phyl Braybrook Has Passed Away Pacefully

Phyl Braybrook Death, Obituary – We were filled with an immense sense of grief when we learned of the demise of Phyl Braybrook, who had been both a dear friend and the costume organizer for a number of years. Phyl Braybrook had been a part of our lives for many years.

Phyl donated a large amount of her time and talent to the Swan Hill Theatre Company over the course of a number of years. During that period, she was responsible for the creation of stunning costumes and assisted with the staging of dozens of productions.

Because Phyl was a Life Member who was highly valued by everyone in the community, she will be dearly missed by each and every one of its members as a direct result of her passing. His sister, April UnKauf (Robert), as well as his great-aunts and great-uncles, aunts and uncles, cousins and nieces, extended family members, and friends, will remember him fondly and will grievously miss him.

She passed away unexpectedly on October 2, 2018. Both sets of his grandparents, George and Phyllis Braybrook and Alex and Winnie Torry, as well as a huge number of his aunts and uncles, had already passed away before she was born. Among those who had previously passed away were a significant number of his aunts and uncles.

Tory Mark has been cremated, and a memorial service to honour her life will take place at a later date, when the location will be able to accommodate a greater number of mourners. Tory Mark’s ashes will be scattered at sea. You are able to make a contribution to the Mustard Seed in honor of Mark by going to their website at (Mustard Seed) or by calling the organization at 403-269-1319 extension 250. Both of these options are available online.